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Tumbling Program

Class Descriptions

Toddler Tumbling

Tumble 1

Looking for a fun and engaging activity for you and your toddler? Look no further than Tumble 1! Our experienced coaches will guide your little one through basic tumbling skills on child-sized apparatus, while also building important social skills and independence.


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Tumble 2

Tumble 2 is the perfect introductory tumbling class for young children. Our fun games, obstacle courses, and child-sized events will keep them entertained while improving their listening skills and learning gymnastics. This level is designed for kids who are comfortable being on their own and ready to try out class without a caregiver. We require children to participate in a complimentary trial prior to registering and parents to stay on-site during class.

Preschool Tumbling
Level 3-8.jpg

Tumble 3

In Tumble 3, students will learn basic tumbling positions such as pike, tuck, and straddle, as well as forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. The class emphasizes attention to detail, including alignment, flexibility, strength, and safety. Students will learn gym safety and develop self-confidence, listening skills, and social skills in a fun, interactive environment. Please note that an assessment is required to evaluate the student's skills for class placement.

Tumble 4

In Tumble 4, students will continue to develop their basic tumbling skills while also being introduced to more conditioning exercises. The class will focus on perfecting body shapes, jumps, rolls, handstands, bridges, back bends, kick overs, cartwheels, round-offs, safety falls, body control, strength building, flexibility, and an introduction to backhand springs. Please note that an assessment is required to evaluate the student's skills for class placement.

Tumbling Instruction, Gymnastics
tumble conditioning and strenghtening

Tumble Strength & Conditioning

Tumbling strength and conditioning is a specialized class designed to improve overall physical fitness and enhance specific skills in tumbling. Whether a beginner or an advanced athlete, this course enhances core strength for improved tumbling execution,
builds upper and lower body strength specific to tumbling movements, and increases flexibility, coordination, and overall athleticism. By incorporating various exercises and drills, this training program aims to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, ultimately helping you to become a better tumbler. 


This course is for highly recommended for Spark Students enrolled in Tumble 3-4 and/or any Dance classes listed as Age 7+.

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